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Just a quick update for those of you who haven’t made the leap over to our new site, underscoopfire.com

We have a PODCAST coming soon!  Two shows recorded and being edited. We’ll keep you posted.

Here’s the latest: (click the titles to be taken to the page)

First Look at Henry Cavill as Superman in The Man of Steel

Five E-Rated Characters that Deserve M-Rated Games

Who Will Face Extinction First? Tom Brady vs Evangeline Lilly

A Zombie Infested 5k Race and Festival

and much more!  Thanks for checking us out, have a great day!


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how we feel when you don't visit underscoopfire



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Just a little over a month ago I started this blog (eww!) as a way to share stories and to try my hand at writing. As I type this we are approaching 5,000 views – way beyond what I ever thought this would turn into.

At the outset, my goal was to recruit friends and others to collaborate with me on a content-rich website. For the last few weeks, we have been working on creating a site that can be a one-stop shop for people like us, people like you!

under..scoop..FIRE! is a site for children of the 80s living in today’s world. Updated on a daily basis – content will include nostalgia, survival, technology, games, entertainment, humor and more. We even recorded a podcast, and plan to keep recording at least one a month, featuring different authors and contributors from the site.

The purpose of this message was two-fold:

First and foremost, to thank you again for reading The Upper Deck. As of Monday I will no longer be posting new content here.

…and secondly, to beg you to click over to under..scoop..FIRE! and add it to your favorites!  Click on the subscribe button on the right side to have fresh content delivered daily! We promise not to disappoint. If you don’t laugh with us, feel free to laugh at us.

What are you waiting for?  Check it out!


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Howdy Upper Deckers!

If you have a moment today or this weekend, click on over to our new site underscoopfire.com

under..scoop..FIRE! is the collaborative effort of me, Corey Chapman, Joe Zicari, Chris Tanski, and hopefully others.

We intend to bring fresh, entertaining and informative content everyday… make sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button on the right hand side above the Twitter feed.

I will no longer be adding new content to The Upper Deck as of  July 31, so make sure to add under..scoop..FIRE! to your bookmarks and favorites. We will also be delivering a fresh podcast every month to compliment the site.

For children of the 80s living in today’s world… it’s under..scoop..FIRE!

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