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Howdy Upper Deckers!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here, as I have focused all of my creative efforts on our pop culture/children of the 80s site UnderScoopFIRE.com. For those who have made the switch with me, I graciously thank you. I have been extremely fortunate to have the support of my friends and family through this venture.

I want to take a moment to thank Corey Chapman, Joe Zicari, and Chris Tanski. These three guys have been with me from the start(up) and have contributed countless hours to improving the site’s content and our podcast. Corey deserves extra credit for the hours of podcast surgery (editing) he has spent behind the glass.

I love our readers as much as I love this tiny fawn.

We are pleased to present the work of some very talented contributors on UnderScoopFIRE. If you’ve seen any of Dan Fogarty (Fogs’) movie reviews or articles, you know how entertaining his columns are. Jason Gross has added some 80s mojo to our site with his rad weekly column, and Corey Pung brings his vast comic book knowledge to our humble table.

Since our launch on August 1st, we’ve had over 15,000+ unique visits, which is amazing. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from readers via Twitter, and our podcast has had a handsome number of downloads on iTunes and BuzzSprout.com. We want to be able to continue providing original content to our readers and listeners, and that is why you see Amazon.com ads placed in the sidebar of our site.

This brings me to my request. If you do any of your holiday shopping this year on Amazon.com, please enter the site through the clickable Amazon search box on UnderScoopFIRE.com. You can search for any product, or if you just want to log into your Amazon account, you can still use the search box to enter a “dummy” search and once you are re-directed to Amazon.com, just go ahead with your business. It will still recognize that you came from our site.

Although we only make a few cents on the dollar for every purchase made on Amazon via our site, it does add up, and it would help cover the costs of maintaining our site (the hosting, the podcast storage, and keeping the domain name are the primary expenses).

Please feel free to spread the word, and again, thank you for your support.

Your feedback is welcome!  Feel free to hit the comments or email me at howard@underscoopfire.com

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