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Howdy Upper Deckers!

If you have a moment today or this weekend, click on over to our new site underscoopfire.com

under..scoop..FIRE! is the collaborative effort of me, Corey Chapman, Joe Zicari, Chris Tanski, and hopefully others.

We intend to bring fresh, entertaining and informative content everyday… make sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button on the right hand side above the Twitter feed.

I will no longer be adding new content to The Upper Deck as of  July 31, so make sure to add under..scoop..FIRE! to your bookmarks and favorites. We will also be delivering a fresh podcast every month to compliment the site.

For children of the 80s living in today’s world… it’s under..scoop..FIRE!

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The United Nations of Awesome

You can purchase as a print from Society6 here.  How many of the superhero flags can you identify?

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This is a t-shirt I somehow don't own

Arrested Development had many recurring jokes during its three year run. One of these was centered around a used runway staircase on wheels that the Bluths were left with after having to abandon their costly company jet. Michael Bluth frequently warned any family member who was taking the stair car for a drive, “You will have hop ons.” A hop on occurred when a needy hitchhiker of some sort would attach his or herself to the Bluth stair car for a free ride. This was a common occurence because of the stair car’s low maximum speed capablity, and because well, it was a rolling staircase. At times the only available mode of transport, the stair car became a stalwart of the show. It even made a cameo on the hit Fox drama 24.

The Upper Deck Weekend Hop On will be a recurring segment that showcases a guest contributor, an interesting link, or content that won’t feature very much original writing by me (I think you deserve a break from time to time). Enjoy!

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