On Monday June 18 something despicable happened. On their bus ride home, a group of middle school kids (mainly two boys) ganged up on and harassed 68-year-old bus monitor Karen Klein. They said things that would make most parents cringe if they knew their children were saying them. They threatened her. They taunted her. Someone recorded it with a cell phone video camera and posted it to YouTube.

On the following Tuesday and Wednesday, something amazing happened. The video went viral, which in and of itself is not amazing with how connected the world is these days, no- the amazing part was the outpouring of support for Karen and the generosity shown to her by complete strangers the world over.

This story is riveting. Here are ten things you may or may not know about this fascinating chain of events:

People from all over the world have recorded video responses.

Students and adults from Europe, Australia, and many more places have recorded their own video responses to the original bus monitor video. Click here to see some, there are 289 responses and counting.

There is a petition on change.org calling for punishment for the kids responsible.

Right now there are 570 signatures with a goal of 1000. I’m not sure what this would accomplish, but it certainly shows that the public wants to see these kids pay for what they did.

Someone started a fund on indiegogo to raise money to “send Karen on vacation”.

Max Sidorov, originally from Ukraine, says that when he heard of what happened to Karen he decided to create a fundraiser to “show her the power of the internets and how kind and generous people can be”. He set a goal of $5,000, with the intention of giving the bus monitor a vacation. The goal was achieved within hours, and as of now (with 30 days still to go) the fund sits at $150,000, clearly on pace to reach $1 million.

When you set up an indiegogo fundraiser, they typically run for a 30 day window. If the project hits its financial goal, all of the supporters who pledged funds are charged at that time and the money is deposited in an account specified by the administrator. At that time, the money is under Max’s control. No word yet on Karen’s response to this fundraiser.

MSNBC and The L.A. Times have picked up the story.

National outlets have run this story, but not just the part about the bus incident. They are reporting on the fundraiser, which is serving to help garner global support for it. If Karen accepts the funds raised for her, she can retire, which brings me to my next point – which is purely speculation:

Karen won’t accept the funds.

At one point in the video, which I still haven’t gotten through (it’s gut wrenching)- Karen responds to the children by saying she tries to live by the saying on her purse, but it’s hard sometimes. We as viewers can’t see what the saying is, but we’ve got to assume it is some inspirational “live and let live” type of positive message. Just from her general demeanor, her responses to the kids, and her brief appearances on local news since the incident, she seems like the type of person that does not relish all of this attention, and just wants it all to go away. My guess is she rejects the money, and then eventually agrees to accept but donates a large portion to charity.

I wasn’t aware that ‘bus monitors’ were even a thing.

Karen was a bus driver for most of her Greece School District career. Three years ago she became a bus monitor. This is something we did not have when we were kids. Knowing from personal experience that school districts are not in the practice of creating unnecessary jobs, there must have been a need for this position. What could a bus monitor be needed for? To watch for and discipline misbehaving children.

Karen Klein should not have been on that bus.

It was truly a shame what happened to Karen on Monday. It makes me sick. I just don’t think she should have been there in the first place. I’m not trying to take a paid position away from this woman, but sometimes you have to make sure the person is qualified to do the job. If I’m on a commercial airline, the last thing I want is an air marshall on my flight who is afraid of confrontation. These people are not just decorations, they are supposedly there for a reason. Karen never tried to defend herself or tell these kids to shut up. We are hailing this as angelic patience and saintly behavior, but no one who has watched that video would have blamed her if she snapped on those kids. As fun as that may have been to watch, I’m not condoning it, but she really could have just informed them of the consequences of their actions, told the bus driver, or told them to stop it. If she’s being paid to maintain order on the bus, surely she must have a few proverbial bullets in her gun. Why she chose not to use any is beyond me.

Someone gave out the offending kids’ names and contact information.

One of the first comments on the original YouTube page where the video was posted contains the names, phone numbers and addresses of the offenders. Since then, there have been so many additional comments posted that the info has slowly been buried, and may have since been deleted, but it was there for most of Wednesday. So many sites and Facebook comments are calling for the offenders information to be released, and it has been right there the whole time.

Greece Central School District has asked YouTube to take the video down.

With as much traffic as it is generating, that’s like asking Kim Kardashian to lay low for a while. I can see why the district wants to minimize the damage from this PR black eye, but it’s not gonna happen.

The police are investigating the video.

Greece Police are questioning four middle school students and will decide if charges will be filed in juvenile court.

Some of the comments that the kids made hit too close to home.

Karen said the comment that hurt the most was when the kids said “you’re so ugly your kid should kill themselves.” Her son took his own life 10 years ago.

Thought I’d fire up the old Upper Deck for this extra-special occasion!

If you were alive in the 80s, surely you remember the fast-talking pitchman for companies such as FedEx and Micro Machines. He also appeared in Transformers as Blurr, on Saved by The Bell, the A-Team, 321 Contact and Ally McBeal.

This is how I pictured him when he was on the phone with us.

Today he appears on such shows as Family Guy, Robot Chicken and Adventure Time.

He is Guinness World Record holder John Moschitta, Jr., and he visited UnderScoopFire for episode #31!

We put away the adult themes and bad language for this episode (but that didn’t stop John from dropping a few bombs), so feel free to listen with confidence in the company of friends, family and coworkers!

Even if you are not a podcast person or a regular listener, check out the first 22 seconds of this episode. John’s intro is too good to pass up!

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The Terrible Twos

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Fantasy Sitcom fans, the moment you have been waiting for is upon us…

The votes have been counted. The writers would like to take a moment to thank everyone who supported their Fantasy Sitcoms throughout the competition. This has been fun.

Earning 50%+ of the vote, here is your 2011 Fantasy Sitcom Champion:
























With the kids out of the house and his wife leaving him to pursue a late career in ice skating (see: Curveball), Phil Dunphy’s life is in shambles. Though not an alcoholic Phil has taken to going to AA meetings to work out his emotions and to meet some new friends. While there he makes the acquaintance of 3 newly appointed court mandated members of AA: Charlie Kelly, Homer J. Simpson and Al Bundy. Even though they are supposed to be off the sauce, the 3 men constantly go out drinking after every meeting and Phil tags along. After a night of drinking the 4 men stumble down an alley and witness a major crimeboss murdered. They manage to evade being caught and make it to a police station close by. They turn state’s evidence and are place under the care of former Reno, Nevada sheriff Lt. Jim Dangle.

Now in the Witness Protection Program with new identities and new lives, the five men are fishes out of water in the town of Sweetville, Ohio, where they need to avoid being caught by the mob and remember what their new names are. HELLO MY NAME IS… is the newest brain child from the producers of Homeboys in Outer Space and Shasta Mcnasty. Say “HELLO” to the newst pop culture mash-up. Only on FX.

Congrats to Chris Tanski for developing the winning show. Now we eagerly await the opening credit sequence…